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Hi all,

I think what you're seeing here, Brian is hard page-breaks which are put into a document by Kurzie as if each page were separately scanned. This allows the program to keep the page length and amount of text on the page corresponding with the printed page. The reason NVDA is announcing the hard page-breaks is because usually in a written document, the only page-breaks are soft ones, put in by Word or Notepad.

Hard Page-breaks are announced by NVDA because this is a feature which is needed by some folks, especially those who do editing for Bookshare. Bookshare requires that a book have pages and page numbers and when you're working with a scanned file of a book, the OCR software does put in hard page-breaks. That's why this is occurring when she translates the file from Braille to text.

My thought is still that one needs to consult the NVDA list for the answer to this problem. The announcement of hard page-breaks can be turned off in NVDA, and if I knew how, I'd tell everyone. My only suggestion is to consult the actual horse, as in "from the horse's mouth". <smiling> Hmmm, Let me see if I have Quentin whosits' email somewhere around here. We'll get this problem solved handily.

<rueful grin> I should never try to write coherently after say 3:00 in the afternoon. I do my best work between 05:00 and noon. By 3:00, I'm fading, and by evening, I tend to get tired and cranky. Sorry about that.

I do still stand by my assertion that one shouldn't remove page-breaks. It makes it so hard to search a document which doesn't have definite pages in it. Maybe it's just my seventeen years of proofing for Bookshare.

Have a great day.

Ann P.

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Calm down!! It would be odd, very odd, for NVDA to announce something in the punctuation class that no other screen reader does, or this would crop up far more often than in this isolated circumstance.
You can believe what you wish to believe. I believe there's something peculiar in how the file is being created by the translation software, not NVDA. I've been around many an MS-Word document, with page breaks, that when being read does not announce their presence in continuous reading because that white space is not relevant.

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