Re: Seeking info on a Bluetooth dongle for VR Stream


Hi Norma,

You'llbe hard pressed to find one that doesn't have those pretty
little lights and has speech instead. AFAIK there are none that have
speech feedback unless of course someone had the bright idea of
including a tiny speaker in its design, but I doubt that.

We include directions from a totally blind perspective which allows a
totally blind person to use the ones we sell in an emailmessage. Below
is the portable one we sell,

Back instock! Portable Miccus Swivel Jack RTX Bluetooth
transmitter/receiver for just $49.99! Perfect for making your Victor
Stream or any other device with a headphone jack, able to connect to
your Bluetooth headphones or speaker! Connect it to your computer's
USB port and have it come through your Bluetooth headset or speaker!
The receiver side speaks everything from power on through power off!
It boasts a range of 100 Feet and much more...

Stay well,


On 9/14/20, Norma A. Boge <> wrote:
Hi group,

I really want to be able to cast my VR Stream to a pair of sleepphones. Can
someone recommend a BT dongle which can be easily used by a totally blind
person? I’ve purchased a dongle years ago but it had lights which indicated
what was happening and this was impossible for me to use independently. So
your suggestions are welcome.

Sempre Avanti,


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