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It is a good assumption that it is a problem for a lot of people. How many people studhy the punctuation/symbol dialog enough to know that you can adjust the settings for page break there. Not many. As evidence, why were you the only one on the entire list to suggest it? I doubt that most NVDA users even know it exists. I knew it did, but I thought of it as a punctuation dialog not extending to the thousands of emoji and ASCII symbols present. I looked at it last in a very old version of NVDA and had only used it to look at punctuation settings.

A lot of NVDA users don't study the screen-reader to know about this obscure feature or to know anything detailed about it. There are much more important aspects of NVDA a lot of people don't know about such as object navigation or add-ons. So why should they know about this obscure feature. I have almost never seen it discussed on the NVDA list and I've been on it for years.

When designing default settings, they should be designed to allow the best experience for the unknowledgeable user.

I really don't want to go through the trouble of learning how to submit a report on Github (spelling) just to submit this one problem when I almost never, if ever, would want to submit anything else. But it is a setting that should be changed. There must be a lot of users of Bookshare around the world who use NVDA and who don't want to hear page break. And many blind people may send scanned material to other blind people who use NVDA which they have scanned with an OCR program and converted to text or RTF.

You probably don't see questions about it for the same reason you don't see questions much about other bad default settings, because a lot of people are intimidated by technology and will just accept it as it is.


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Hi all,

RE page-breaks and Bookshare: Bookshare requires that all books which
are scanned by volunteers have hard page-breaks, and that each page be
numbered. This is because of the conversion software which creates a
DAISY book from the .rtf file which is submitted. Each of these books
is marked up by pages. It is vital when proofing books for Bookshare
that page-breaks be announced. Since you can turn the announcement off
in NVDA, it shouldn't be a problem for folks.

As I say, when material is put through either Open Book or Kurzie, it
adds hard page-breaks as if each page were scanned individually.

Ann P.

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