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Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 12:24 PM, Gene wrote:
When designing default settings, they should be designed to allow the best experience for the unknowledgeable user.
Gene, who determines what those are?

There is always someone who will complain about any choice for a default setting.  What you find marvelous and immensely useful others will find a grand PITA.

There is seldom any default setting that is "ideal" because there is always someone (generally many someones) in the user base who want just the opposite.

And, I'm sorry, but if people won't speak up and ask how to get what they want, in any area of life, they're not going to get it.  Technology is no different than anything else, if it isn't doing what you want or need it to do you need to ask about how to change it.  That's exactly what happened here, and is what should happen.

For those that have a problem that is clearly a software bug or a feature request (or change to feature request) then it is incumbent upon them to communicate that to the developers, and NVAccess makes that incredibly easy with its GitHub templates for those purposes.  I also have converted these to MS-Word, should anyone want the templates, so that you can take your time and compose the whole thing, at your leisure, in MS-Word and then just copy and paste the whole thing into GitHub when the time comes rather than even trying to edit the issue/feature request templates in a web browser.  Getting help or change is a two-sided affair, at least if you want to try to get the change you want or need.

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