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I don't know why people haven't asked on the list. I do know, simply as a matter of logic and common sense that the setting doubtless causes problems and inconvenience for a lot of users. A lot of people use Bookshare and a lot of people use NVDA.

I'm not sure what you mean about me not taking the same attitude toward Windows. My attitude is that if people want to use Windows well, they have to learn a certain amount. If they only want to do a small number of things, they may need to learn little.

Whether Windows or programs, intended for the general user, my contention is the same. Defaults should give the best experience for the unknowledgeable user.


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On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 12:53 PM, Gene wrote:
Expecting most people to know such detailed and advanced information about NVDA or any program is utopian.-
Indeed. Expecting it as a bit of common knowledge is. Expecting that someone would ask is not.

Gene, you do not take this attitude toward Windows, or at least don't in my observation. The fact is that any screen reader, not just NVDA, is a wildly complicated piece of software with myriad options for customizing to suit the user.

Unlike you, I'm not going to give the user a pass from any responsibility for exploring what their options are. There is no such thing, and I do speak from experience, as "the ideal default" because there are diverse needs in any user community. It is absolutely incumbent on the end user to show some small modicum of initiative as far as asking for assistance when something is not as they'd like it.

No developer is, or can be, responsible for being all-knowing or all-seeing or for picking what you, or I, or any given individual would prefer as default settings. The defaults get picked, based on something, and it is and should be up to the end user to tweak as necessary.

None of the above is to argue that there can be some obvious things that make more sense than others as far as defaults. But you've been on the NVDA group for years, and you know darned well that this has never been brought up as an issue over the last several years. You cannot tell me that you believe the members there are shy and retiring and would not be asking about this if it were a recurring issue for a wide number of users. If this is some change that came in with the latest version of NVDA, you can rest assured it will come up.

But I, for one, am done with the idea that end users have no responsibility to learn about the tools they've chosen to use and to ask questions as needed. That is a minimum requirement. And before anyone trots out the old trope, "but they're not tech savvy," that's beside the point. We were all neophytes, once, at anything. It doesn't absolve us from asking for information we need or want. It's a complete cop-out.


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