Re: a good computer microphone

Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Chief Gene, I have the Logitech H800; the H600 will also fit the bill and a
bit cheaper. Both come with USB dongles and I generally refer to these as
Plug-&-Forget! The H800 supports bluetooth; however, as is the case with
several Logitech toys, one has to type in a PARING CODE on the bluetooth
side of things. That I don't quite appreciate, so, I never did any
bluetooth paring of my H800 toy.

Oh, they are over the ear headsets with a swivel microphone. My toy lasts
about six hours from each charge. Never had any problems using my toy for
Zoom and similarly situated services.

Where to find either one? Well, start with the obvious:

Hope this helps.

Denver, Colorado

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