Re: What is the purpose ofMacrium Reflect

Gerald Levy

Macrium Reflect is a free image backup and restoration program.  It is used to create a backup image of your local drive on an external portable hard drive that can be used to restore your system in the event of a catastrophic failure or if you install a new local drive, as you did.  The program includes an option for creating a rescue CD that can be used to restore the backup image from the external portable drive.  Creating a backup image with Macrium Reflect is completely accessible with JAWS.  However, sighted help is needed to restore this image using the rescue CD because their is no speech available during the restoration procedure. Your technician may have installed this program on your computer to create a backup image of your hard drive on an external drive before he installed the new SSD to replace it, and then used this image to restore your newSSD to the state your computer was in before he installed the SSd.    


On 9/15/2020 8:16 AM, Fanus wrote:
Hello list
I had my hard drive replaced with a SSD drive. The IT guy cloned my drive so
that I do not lose stuff. On my desktop is a program "macrium Reflect" which
was not there. Does anyone know this software?

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