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Here is a correction. It was a long time ago, but I just remembered that I didn't use the hyperterminal program in XP. I don't know how easy it was to use but I started out using the Hyperterminal in Windows 95 and 98, which are very different in terms of interface. I seem to recall that Hyperterminal in XP is a command line program and I didn't want to fool around with it since the Windows 95 and 98 version was so easy to use, having a Windows interface. So the forum discussion I provided may not be useful.

There was some sort of security problem with the Windows 95/98 hyperterminal but it doesn't matter for how you are going to use it.

I placed the Windows 95/98 program on my XP machine and used it but I don't know if it runs in Windows 7 and higher.


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From: Gene
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This discussion may be helpful.
I don't know what Hyperterminal is like now. I used to use it in XP for
transfering files from a Braille 'N Speak but I don't know how the program
may have changed since then.

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From: David Goldfield
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Rick, thanks for this info. Someone on a Facebook group acquired a used
Blazie Engineering Type 'n Speak and was asking about what could be used
to facilitate file transfers to and from the device. Aside from Blazie's
proprietary software many of us used terminal programs such as Procomm,
Telix and Commo but these likely wouldn't be reasonable options in a
Windows 10 environment. I was hoping to find an accessible terminal
program to recommend to her. If I feel motivated to do it I may fire up
my Bns or Braille Lite to see if Terraterm can communicate with it.

David Goldfield,
Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist
JAWS Certified, 2019

On 9/15/2020 8:16 AM, Rick Alfaro wrote:
Frank, a while back I ran across the need to use a terminal program and looked at a few of them. The most accessible one to me seemed to be Tera Term which is the one I used for that project. My needs were simple so my knowledge of the program is quite shallow but you can give it a try and see if it works for you. I don't have the link but a Google search will find it.

Warmest regards

Rick Alfaro

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Hi all, can anyone recommend the most accessible terminal program for serial communications?
Frank Ventura

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