Re: Thunder Thinks This Is Spam

lynn white

Hey Gene,

First of all, thank you as always. I perform the step by step method that you gave. Unfortunately, I'm still getting this message from the Tbird.

If you have any other ideas, I've got an open ear.

On 9/15/2020 9:04 AM, Gene wrote:
You can turn off the spam filter.  You don't needit if your provider filters spam well.  I don't use a spam filter on my machine and I get almost no spam because the GMail spam filter filters out just about everything.

Here is how you do it.
New main steps start on new lines.
I'll go into more detail if you need me to about how to find things.
Open tools with alt t.
Type s to open the account settings dialog.
Down arrow to junk settings.
Tab a few times until you get to Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account.
Uncheckit with the space bar.
Tab to and activate the ok button.
The intrusive and annoying messages will be gone and you may wwell se little or no more spam than you do now.

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This has suddenly started popping up for every message. Fixes? Thanks.

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