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Hi. I am almost 100% certain that your friend's daughter is not correct.

First, when I used to own a Kindle Keyboard, sometimes referred to as a Kindle 3, I used a service that allowed you to email documents which would show up on your Kindle. I have not heard of that service being discontinued but I'd need to research it to confirm this.

Also, you should be able to just transfer files from a PC to the device via a USB connection.

Also, bear in mind that Amazon now has two separate product lines when it comes to reading. One product line is called the Kindle and it primarily is for reading books as well as magazines, newspapers and even comic books. While you can browse the Kindle store and purchase content the device known as the Kindle is just for reading that content. The other product line is called the Fire tablet. This device runs a variant of Android and also allows for the browsing, purchasing, downloading and reading of content from the Kindle store but it also functions as an actual tablet with the features you would expect from a tablet, such as apps for email, Web browsing, TV and music streaming, etc. It doesn't come with Google's app store known as the Google Play store but it can be sideloaded. This is technically not a Kindle although many people use the term Kindle when they're really talking about the Fire tablet. This is partially Amazon's fault as the first tablet they released was called the Kindle Fire but they eventually stopped adding the name Kindle to their tablets.

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On 9/15/2020 4:38 PM, Walter Ramage via wrote:

Hi to all.  This is an enquiry on behalf of a friend as I don't use a kindle.


My friend has an old Kindle, 9 years old.  She is able to download books from the kindle store and books she gets from other sources she can upload to her kindle after converting the book to the Kindle format.


She has entertained getting a new up-to-date kindle but when she told her daughter her plans her daughter discouraged her from doing so as the "newer" kindles no longer allow you to upload third party books to the device and you can only use Kindle books purchased from Amazon.


Is this true?  are there any current Kindle devices that allow the upload of third party eBooks?  If it is possible, which model is it and how simple or complicated is the process?  If anybody knows the answer to these questions I look forward to hearing from you.  Walter.


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