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lynn white

That's my idea as well. I'll check it out tomorrow.

On 9/15/2020 5:48 PM, Gene wrote:
That's odd.  As far as I know, Thunderbird is classified as a secure application.  Maybe somethihng went wrong with the update and it somehow isn't being seen properly.

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Hi Gene,

Thanks. I did get the update installed. I did the update but now I have
two versions on my desktop. The second icon will not recognize my password.

What it said was that I got blocked because I was using an insecure app.
(Thunderbird?) Anyway, for now, I can use the original until this gets
straighten out.

On 9/15/2020 9:33 AM, Gene wrote:
I don't know what is causing it.  Do you have more than one account?  If so, you need to turn off the setting for all accounts individually.

You said this just started happening.  Brian spoke of possible corruption of the program and that could be.  You may want to uninstall and install it again as he suggests.  Something detrimental evidently happened since you didn't have this behavior before.

Even if you solve the problem, you may still want to consider the following:
One thing I encourage people to do is use Thunderbird portable. You can keep your installed version and try the portable version so you will have no delay or interruption in receiving e-mail.

The reasons I say that people should use the portable version are that you can move the program to any machine you want and have all your e-mail and settings, except that I don't know if you will have message rules transferred.
You can run it from something like a thumb drive if you are using a machine that isn't yours and that you don't have the program on.  And you can keep a backup copy so that if the program becomes corrupted, you can simply delete it and copy the backup copy to the location where you usually have the program. To keep the backup copy current, you can delete the backup when you want and copy the one you are using to that location again. This will preserve your e-mail and any changes you have made to the program, such as settings changes and probably add-ons as well.

You won't have to trouble shoot problems anymore that arise from corruption of the program.  You can just replace it by deleting it and copying the backup copy to the location you run the program from.
Although I use the Brave browser for most of my browsing, I use Firefox portable off and on and I use the portable version for the same reasons.

I use portable versions of programs where they either do everything the installed version does or where the portable version does the things I want it to do.

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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Thunder Thinks This Is Spam

Hey Gene,

First of all, thank you as always. I perform the step by step method
that you gave. Unfortunately, I'm still getting this message from the

If you have any other ideas, I've got an open ear.

On 9/15/2020 9:04 AM, Gene wrote:
You can turn off the spam filter.  You don't needit if your provider filters spam well.  I don't use a spam filter on my machine and I get almost no spam because the GMail spam filter filters out just about everything.

Here is how you do it.
New main steps start on new lines.
I'll go into more detail if you need me to about how to find things.
Open tools with alt t.
Type s to open the account settings dialog.
Down arrow to junk settings.
Tab a few times until you get to Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account.
Uncheckit with the space bar.
Tab to and activate the ok button.
The intrusive and annoying messages will be gone and you may wwell se little or no more spam than you do now.

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Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 8:48 AM
Subject: [TechTalk] Thunder Thinks This Is Spam

This has suddenly started popping up for every message. Fixes? Thanks.

I use portable versions of programs where they do the same things as the nonportable versions or if they do what I want even if they don't do everything.


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