The deep/Dark net, Scar'r'r'r'r'ry!

Walter Ramage

Hi guys.  I've just finished reading Lee Child's latest book.  The thrust of the book is the Deep net and what can be found there.  I wondered if that could really be true, that is, the things described so I've just done a Google search  and read an article on the deep/Dark net and how to access it.  It seams it is rather easy but apparently very dangerous.  The trick is to enter and leave without being discovered and traced.  I like many are amazed at what can be found on the surface net, the wealth of info is so vast but it would seem that is just the tip of the iceberg because the deep/dark net is hundreds of times larger than the surface net and there is where you will find all sorts of unpleasant and frightening things.  There sickening sights that deal with porn and kiddy porn and sites that deal with illegal drugs.  Sights for obtaining weapons and tuition on how to make explosives and also assassin web sites where you can arrange a hit.  My mind boggles at just how depraved the world is and what extent some people will go to.  Interestingly the article I read said that not all deep web stuff is bad and that we often use it without knowing.  For example every time you order goods on line and those secure edit boxes where you put your credit details, that is on the deep net.  Apparently the deep web is run on the TOR network and the page where you place your confidential information cannot be found by using conventional search engins, that's the deep net.  However it seems a very scarey place unless you know what you are doing, although the article gave instructions, I'll stay well clear.  How about you guys, have you ever tried exploring that place, if so, is it as scarey as it seems? ?  Walter.

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