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Thanks for all the input on this thread.

So, I guess we’ve gone full circle with the question of how to change an email password unanswered.

Final question on this would be how does one establish a new email address and if done, is it possible to manage a password with the new address?





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          My guess is, then, that Apple will allow pre-existing "relationships" between email clients and their servers to remain active with the passwords that were in force at the time the relationship was formed until and unless you go in to manually change them to match whatever you've set for your Apple ID.  Then, if you do that, then go back and change your Apple ID password again, they'll probably keep working.

           I personally find this system bizarre, but you can do the same thing with a Microsoft Account and the Microsoft Account linked Windows 10 User Account.  If you change the password on your Microsoft Account, you can still use the old one on Windows 10 until or unless you were to enter the new one you've set at  If you do that then the old one will be supplanted.  But I can understand this for logging in to a machine, because if you were to be offline you absolutely must have some way of allowing a user to log in and that means having a local copy of the password, which is what gets used if you're offline or used first if you enter it correctly even if you're online.


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