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            Again, there is no real way to describe this other than visually, as that tiny arrow that points downward and to the right is part and parcel of every control group in a ribbon.  In the case of the Clipboard Grouping, the actual shortcut you want to use is ALT+H, FO  (Home Ribbon, Office Clipboard - See all the items you've copied to the clipboard).  You can think of that downward right pointing arrow at the end of each control grouping as being it's equivalent of an advanced pop-out menu.  You will land on it if you tab through any given control grouping and it will always be the thing you land on immediately prior to entering whatever the next grouping happens to be.

             In the case of the Clipboard grouping, that is just before you pass into the Font grouping.  For the Font grouping it's just before you pass into the Paragraph grouping.  In the Paragraph Grouping it's just before you pass into the Styles grouping.  In the styles grouping it's just before you enter into the Editing grouping.  The Editing grouping actually doesn't have one of these.  

             Not every grouping has one of these, and which groupings do varies by program.  For instance, in Excel the Clipboard, Font, Alignment, and Number groupings all have one of these "pop-out" controls, but the rest don't.  It seems to be a function of whether there are more options than can be shown at one time in the ribbon (or you could also think of it as whether there are advanced options not often used related to that grouping).

             Because I can see, when I was navigating the ribbon and landed on that control in the Clipboard Grouping I could hear NVDA announce it as, "Office Clipboard - See all the items you've copied to the clipboard; ALT+H,FO."  The corresponding control in the Font Grouping is reached by ALT+H,FN, and is announced as, "Font, customize your text using advanced font and character options (plus a lot more stuff); ALT+H,FN."  What the screen reader is reading is the pop-up text that shows to a sighted user if they hover over that control and that shows up in a little mouse "hover over window."  That hover-over window does not appear when you land on the control via tabbing or arrowing, but if you linger for a moment the exact text that I see if I hover over is what the screen reader reads.

             The only way I can tell you to identify these controls is to use CTRL+Left or Right arrow to move between control groupings, then SHIFT+TAB to jump back to the last control within the last control grouping.  It becomes obvious pretty quickly, just based on the amount of verbiage involved, whether the thing you've landed on is one of these pop-out controls for a grouping or one of the normal controls within that grouping.  There is no real "shorthand name" for these things, and since the text is unique to each one, that's why the downward right pointing arrow is used in those instructions.

              Give the above a try and see what you find.


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