Re: A puzzling behavior in an IMAP account

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 02:34 PM, Gene wrote:
That's surprising and unexpected.
Gene, what follows is not meant as argumentative, but, no, it's not.  If you are using IMAP or Exchange then it's expected that you will use that protocol for all access.  One of the primary reasons for both coming into being was so synchronization was an automatic and seamless part of the protocol, no matter how many devices and clients were connected to the same account.

POP3 has always been a nightmare to keep synchronized when its default settings are used, and a challenge even when tweaked.  It really should not be used by anyone who intends to access the same account from multiple devices or on the same device but using multiple e-mail clients.  It is that simple, and if you want to web search you'll find this is not a matter of personal opinion.

POP3 and IMAP/Exchange are from two very different eras of e-mail access.  POP3 being the earliest and from a time where it was never anticipated that people would be looking at the same account in multiple locations and using multiple clients and devices.  It is an anachronism at this point in time.

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