Re: A puzzling behavior in an IMAP account

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          They do, but they don't.  Gmail does have its own "in house method" for allowing an account to be set up for POP3 and IMAP access.  It makes perfect sense that if you delete mail under POP3 it would disappear under IMAP with Gmail, as POP3 will, when you exit a client, send a purge request for whatever you've deleted as part of shutting down.  It will even do this on the next send/receive request when you're not shutting down.  The messages are literally removed as part of that process, so if you open up something else using IMAP they're already gone.

           IMAP marks messages for deletion, and leaves it up to the server exactly when it purges them.  They won't be downloaded again by an IMAP server to other devices using IMAP if they've been marked for deletion but not purged.  But I would presume, since POP operates under the presumption that, "If it's there, and I haven't yet snagged it, I need to snag it," that it will for as yet undownloaded messages that were marked for an IMAP purge but not yet purged, as POP has no conception of a message marked for removal by IMAP but not yet actually purged.

            All of the above interactions are why no single account should be using two different access methods.  What can and does occur just gets weird.

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