Re: trouble with micro soft edge


Hi Angel,

Edge & Chrome work more or less the same way. There are a hoste of
Tutorials available for Chrome on Freedomscientific's training page.

In addition to this, they also conducted a webinar especially for
using Edge with JAWS. I would share the links for the archive of that
webinar as soon as they share it.

If you have been used to working with IE, there's really not much you
are going to miss much while working with Edge or Chrome except the
RSS feeds for which i have't really found a very reliable addon so

I would also be sharing a list of my addons that you can install in
either of the browsers to further customise your experience.

Thank you,


On 9/18/20, angelsonsAna <> wrote:
Hello there, I am using windows ten with thunder bird and I can not use
internet explore any nor, but I have micro soft edge, but I don't know
how to use it can anyone help me?

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