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I know the cable is attached properly, only one way to connect it. When I plug it in to USB port, I hear the ding like it recognizes it but doesn't show up in This PC. Software does not recognize it. Waiting to hear back from Crucial. They have no phone support. Won't buy from them again because of their support.

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Either a bad SATA USB cable or you did not correctly attach the cable to the device.


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Subject: [TechTalk] Installing a SSD drive. Accessible cloning software


I just purchased a SSD from Crucial. The software is not accessible. Also the drive I got was not recognized when connected with the SATA to USB cable. There is no phone support only an off-line contact form to submit. 

Hope I can get a refund. Has anyone had success in installing a SSD of another brand?------------------  How accessible was the software?

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