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Since the .jpg files are images and have to be converted to .docx or .html files to be readable by somebody who is using a screen reader, why would you want to change them back to image files as .pdf's? If you're sending these files to sighted people, then leave them alone. If sending to blind or VI people convert them to .docx or .html or .rtf, something the recipient can read without jumping through hoops. Yes, Jaws works but--. Since Jaws' OCR is an afterthought program, I wouldn't trust it to convert .jpg files. You need Open Book or Kurzie or Docuscan Plus to do this accurately. If you want to save the .docx files as .pdf, you can do that in Word.

I still don't understand why you'd want to do this, Frank. It just seems like a lot of work for naught. But hey, that's why I'm asking for clarification.

Ann P.

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On Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 04:28 PM, Frank Ventura wrote:

Can you import the image file into a Word document and then save it as an .pdf?
That definitely will work. But what I can't figure out here is whether said JPG files are, say, scans of articles that the PDF is wanted to be able to do OCR on. If that's the case, using Word to save as PDF and then OCR-ing the PDF and saving the text layer will work.
If they're not text-based image files, I can't imagine why PDF format is preferable.

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