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Ann Parsons

Hi all,

First question, did Kitty get out, or is she hiding or trapped in the house somewhere? Cats, especially kittens like to explore. Any closet door, cupboard door, basement door, attic door is fair game. So before you call the SPCA or the police, check all hidy-holes! Listen for unusual bumping or thumping. It may be kitty trying to get out of wherever she's trapped in the house.

Now if kitty has gotten outside, then, is she chipped? This is necessary if you're planning to let her out, and even if you aren't. Check with neighborhood organization, she may have gotten trapped in somebody's garage or under somebody's car. Chech any shrubbery. Check any sheds or garages. Check cars; anybody leave a car door open? That's a clear invitation to Kitty.

As for keeping track of her, the bell works best unless you want to train her with an electronic fence. Don't know how well they work on cats. I sure hope this person doesn't live on a busy road! If this house or apartment is in suburbs I'd worry about coyotes or racoons or other wild life. Best to keep a cat inside these days. Good luck finding kitty.

Ann P.

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