Subject lines in email


Hello list
Now I am confused. On the Windows 10 & JAWS list I asked a question about
the volume. My subject was something like "how to raise the jaws volume when
using a USB sound card". The administrator immediately warned me not to use
questions in a subject line and when I asked why this should not be done he
replied that I must keep my smart mouth or I'll be gone and when I answered
he banned me. This tech list is very important for me, so please tell if I
may put a question in the subject field? As I was trying to explain on the
other list I like to pose the question in the subject field because then
listers know exactly what help I want and listers who do not have the answer
dan just delete the mail. If my subject was "jaws volume" then it could mean
many things, so I am really confused. I really want to start a war but just
for the importance to me of this list, can one of the moderators please
explain what must and what must not be stated in a subject line for this
list. Sorry for this but I am a bit upset because I am really not a trouble

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