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I am the owner.  There isn't a rule about that.  It isn't considered good netiquette to place a question in a subject line and leave the message blank.  What you wrote, as you report it is alright.  If its something like changing volume in Windows or how do you change volume in Windows or changing sound card volume in Windows, those are all fine.  Writing a long question would be considered not good forum.  But something like how do I change my external sound card volume in Windows, though slightly long, shouldn't be objected to and I've never seen objections.  So don't worry about it if it isn't overly long and the message contains the question and more information, if you have more.


On 9/19/2020 8:51 AM, Fanus wrote:

Hello list
Now I am confused. On the Windows 10 & JAWS list I asked a question about
the volume. My subject was something like "how to raise the jaws volume when
using a USB sound card". The administrator immediately warned me not to use
questions in a subject line and when I asked why this should not be done he
replied that I must keep my smart mouth or I'll be gone and when I answered
he banned me. This tech list is very important for me, so please tell if I
may put a question in the subject field? As I was trying to explain on the
other list I like to pose the question in the subject field because then
listers know exactly what help I want and listers who do not have the answer
dan just delete the mail. If my subject was "jaws volume" then it could mean
many things, so I am really confused. I really want to start a war but just
for the importance to me of this list, can one of the moderators please
explain what must and what must not be stated in a subject line for this
list. Sorry for this but I am a bit upset because I am really not a trouble

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