Re: Subject lines in email

Ann Parsons

Hi all,

I'm afraid that I'm more concerned that there is a listowner who, instead of answering Famus' question, dropped him from the list. That seems to be rather churlish behavior. Couldn't he have sent the list rules? Couldn't he have explained what Famus did and why it was wrong? It sounds like he wasn't being disruptive but simply trying to understand why he was being admonished. Dropping somebody after the person asks one question is bullying behavior, IMO. I am sorry that the blindness community has an individual who exhibits such churlishness.

If 'twere me, I'd write the owner privately and see if things could be straightened out. But, then again, I'm an old, tough skinned, grumpy curmudgeon who's used to dealing with bullies.

Sorry, Famus, unfortunately, life is often unfair. It just is what it is. Have a great day and stay safe!

Ann P.

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