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Hello Gene
Thanks, it worked just as you explained.

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While the sound card is connected, do the following:

Open the run dialog.

Hold the Windows key and type r.

Then type sndvol and type enter.

The volume control will open.

You will be on a slider to change the volume.

Experiment with the left and right arrow keys to see which one lowers
the volume and which one raises it. You would want to have something
playing like a song, so you can hear the changes.

Set the volume as you want, then close the dialog with alt f4. There is
no o.k. button and changes take immediate effect so you can hear the
volume change as you use the left and right arrow keys to change it.


On 9/19/2020 2:11 PM, Fanus wrote:
Hello list
So then, let me ask my question here about which I was banned from the other
list. I have my system volume go to a speaker connected to my pc's line out
and the JAWS speech goes to a USB TurtleBeach sound card. The speaker
connected to the TurtleBeach is at full volume but I want it a bit louder,
so is there a setting in JAWS or in pc settings where I can raise the USB
sound card volume?

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