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George McCoy

What type of windows are you running; home? professional? educational or what. The checkbox is there in windows professional 2004.


On 9/21/2020 6:01 AM, Fanus wrote:
Thanks, but this is my problem as explained in my email. When I follow your
instructions and after typing netplwiz.exe I do not land in that dialog
where there are checkboxes etcc. Apparently this has been changed in later
versions of Windows10. I tested it on my pc and on a Windows 10 tablet and
one lands in a totally other dialog and I do not want to fiddle around.

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How to Start Windows 10 Without a Password:

1. Open up your run dialogue by using the keystroke Windows+R.
2. Type exactly what's below and press enter.


3. User Account Settings opens. You find the box before. Users must enter a
username and password to use this computer is checked. Uncheck this and hit
4. Automatically sign in password prompts. Write in your Password twice and
press OK and that should honestly take care of it.

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Hello list
I used to type netplwiz in the search edit field and then I landed in a
dialog where I could uncheck the password at startup box. Now, with the
latest Win10 update that dialog looks totally different. Can someone please
explain how does one now change that setting?

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