Mobile phones and pacemakers

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  It looks like I will need a pacemaker installed and I think this will be sometime at the beginning of the new year.


I was wondering just what influence a mobile phone would have on the pacemaker's function.  I have read some stuff but it looks like what I read was rather old stuff but it spoke of not using the phone on the left side but on the right but it implied that more modern phones won't have any effect on pacemakers.  If you have experience of this I would be interested in your comments.


If there is a clash between phones and pacemakers then is there a phone that has less impact than others, I don't know if there is a difference between O.S. or brand names.  I'm sure the medics will inform me of anything I should know at the time but I won't see my consultant for around 12 weeks and I'd just like a little info before then.  Comments welcome, thank you.  Walter.


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