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Troy Burnham

Thanks Gene I hadn't thought of that but it makes sense.


On 9/24/2020 8:52 PM, Gene wrote:
That shouldn't be a JAWS problem.  Have you had someone look at the program when the button is grayed out?  It is very likely that it is grayed out in the program.  Whether you are doing something incorrect or the program is having a problem, I don't know.

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I have jaws 2020 set to read labeled graphics and when I go into the game with 2020 loaded it doesn't even see the graphics that 2018 sees.

Maybe it would work to label the graphics with 2018 and then use 2020, but it's not the graphics I'm having trouble with it's that the okay button is sometimes grayed out for no known reason. In fact I've seen it where the okay button is there one time I play and then the next time it isn't, and no settings have been changed.

It's just weird to me that I sometimes have the problem and sometimes I don't, and yet my friend who also plays never has the problem. That's why I was asking about jaws settings, if I knew what settings might need to be changed I could compare my settings to the ones my friend has.



On 9/24/2020 6:26 PM, Mike B wrote:

Check your graphics verboscity setting in J18 then change it to the same in J2020 and maybe changing your graphics verboscity setting to, Labeled, if it hasn't been already will help.

With the baseball program open press, Insert + 6, on the number row to open the Settings Center for this application.

Down arrow to, Graphics and Symbols closed, and right arrow to open.

Down arrow to, Graphics verboscity..., and tap the spacebar to toggle through the graphics settings options.  Your options are No graphics, Labeled graphics and All graphics.  Stop on, Labeled graphics, tab to, Apply, press the spacebar, tab to, Okay, and press enter to save / close.

If this doesn't help you can return the setting back to where it was if you like, but leaving it on Labeled I find works best with Jaws.

Take care and stay safe.  Mike.
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Subject: [TechTalk] a jaws settings question

Hi all,

I have a baseball game from on my computer that I've
been playing for about 3 months now, and quite often after I make the
changes I want to make before playing a game the okay button I need to
use to move on is grayed out and isn't a button as it should be. I'm
hoping that somebody here can suggest a setting in jaws that might solve
this problem, although maybe not because it may work one time and not
the next and it's with the same settings.

I have another blind friend who plays the game and this never happens to
him, and btw the game works best with jaws 2018. There are graphics
before each player's name that jaws 2018 voices that 2020 doesn't and
that's the reason that we can't use 2020.

If anybody has any ideas please send them my way.


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