Re: accessible disk imaging software.

Akash Kakkar

Macrium reflect's recovery environment is also based on Win PE and narrator works there perfectly.

On 9/25/2020 9:23 PM, James Bentley wrote:

Restoration of an image is accesible via Narrator when using Image for Windows because Narrator comes on the Image for Windows recovery disk which can be copied to a USB drive.  I haven’t checked the price lately but it cost around forty bucks a couple years back for the ability to use it on five PC’s.


One does need one-time help to change the boot sequence on their PC or, one-time assistance to memorize the keystrokes to change the boot menu to boot up off the recovery disk.


Macrium Reflect  is an excellant free choice but one will always need sighted help to run the recovery disk.  Not too bad of a deal to get your complete drive back.


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Here's the bottom line.  There is no inmaging program that is completely accessible.  Macrium Reflect is accessible only for creating the backup image on an external hard drive.  But sighted assistance is needed to restore this image because there is no speech available during the restoration procedure.  This is true of all imaging programs; the backup procedure may be accessible, but sighted help is almost certainly needed to restore the saved image. 





On 9/25/2020 4:04 AM, Akash Kakkar wrote:

Ya bro, that's the problematic thing about Image for windows. Otherwise, I liked it's interface but left it due to the lack of incremental backups. actually I've tried tons of Imaging solutions but none is properly accessible.

On 9/25/2020 1:20 PM, Smiling? wrote:

Interesting, I was thinking that Image for Windows could successfully create incremental backups, but apparently you are correct, it only does full and differential backups because of incremental backups tending to be troublesome.

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When I last checked, incremental backups were not available in image for windows.

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Image for Windows:

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hi all.
i require an accessible disk imaging software that can backup and restore windows 10 and data and also has incrimental and differencial backup features.
i used to use active@disk image but it doesnt restore windows 10 properly.
please suggest

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