Re: Does Pontes Media downloader still work

Steven Johnson <saxmonger@...>

Hello Gene. I have version 3.1.2-200501. I did reinstall PMD, but my problem persisted. However, I discovered that all of my troubles were related to obtaining my download links in Microsoft Edge. I switched over to Firefox and tried again, and presto, everything worked like a charm. That's a good thing, because I find Firefox more preferable.

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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Does Pontes Media downloader still work

It shouldn't matter, but which version are you running?

Its still working, I used it within the last day or two. I have never seen the download button not be available, whether it worked or not. If it didn't work, because an update was needed to get around a change on the Youtube site, the button still was there, downloads just weren't successful.
That implies a reinstallation may be in order. the program itself may be corrupted.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Does Pontes Media downloader still work

Good evening everyone. I haven’t used Pontes in a couple months or so, but
I tried tonight to pull down a Youtube tutorial about the Book Port Plus
with Pontes, and it will not show me the download button. Does it still
work, or has Youtube done something to render it useless? Thanks in

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