Re: accessible disk imaging software.


Actually no, Image for Windows truly hasn’t changed much at all. It has updated several times, but really not changed. So that podcast that you speak of will give you a decent idea of what to do with even todays versions.


Using Windows10 PE with speech though, is different and no, I unfortunately do  not know of any podcasts available. Hopefully others do, and share the various links.


I do believe that Windows will burn .ISO images to disc though (granted you actually do have whichever type drive to burn the disc). Yes it will, and the link’s below.


How to Burn ISO Files in Windows 10 - WindowsAble:


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Are there any podcasts that demonstrate how to create this magical talking PE disk, plus a demonstration of how to use it to restore a backup image from an external hard drive without sighted help of any kind? The owner/moderator of the defunct JAWS Users email list, David Ferrin, who has apparently vanished into the ether, created a podcast on his Help page that demonstrated how to use Image for Windows with a series of CD's to restore a backup image, but this was years ago before he shut down the list and help site, and Image for Windows is apparently a much different program now.  





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You are unfortunately wrong, it’s completely accessible. It’s you the user, who needs to know how to access these accessibilities with speech by using Windows PE with speech along with a portable version of Image for Windows as was already mentioned.


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Here's the bottom line.  There is no inmaging program that is completely accessible.  Macrium Reflect is accessible only for creating the backup image on an external hard drive.  But sighted assistance is needed to restore this image because there is no speech available during the restoration procedure.  This is true of all imaging programs; the backup procedure may be accessible, but sighted help is almost certainly needed to restore the saved image. 





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Ya bro, that's the problematic thing about Image for windows. Otherwise, I liked it's interface but left it due to the lack of incremental backups. actually I've tried tons of Imaging solutions but none is properly accessible.

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Interesting, I was thinking that Image for Windows could successfully create incremental backups, but apparently you are correct, it only does full and differential backups because of incremental backups tending to be troublesome.

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When I last checked, incremental backups were not available in image for windows.

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Image for Windows:

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hi all.
i require an accessible disk imaging software that can backup and restore windows 10 and data and also has incrimental and differencial backup features.
i used to use active@disk image but it doesnt restore windows 10 properly.
please suggest

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