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Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


            When you say "on my computer" are you talking about logging in to your computer, or logging in to Edge?  You have to establish a sync connection within Edge itself.  Even though most of us use the Microsoft Account linked information for the MS-Account-linked Windows 10 user account we're logged in with, it does not happen automatically.  

             On the computer, in Edge, hit ALT followed by left arrow, at which point you should be sitting on the Edge Profile button, and hit enter.  See what's shown as far as your being logged in to Edge.  If you are, you should have a Personal profile, the e-mail address associated with it, and a manage profile link.  Otherwise the "Browse as a guest" and add profile controls (and possibly others, I can't know, as I'm already logged in to Edge) will show.


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