Giving Up on Thunderbird!

Rich DeSteno

It has been many months now that the Thunderbird email program has been very difficult to use with a screen-reading program. Prior to that, I used Thunderbird successfully for many years.  I mostly use NVDA with it.  For some months now, I often lose speech and the program slows down to an agonizing crawl.  The apparent downloading of email is announced one by one, choking off the speech you actually want to hear.  At times, I have not even been able to accomplish anything for many minutes due to these problems.  I disabled the mail and status toolbars, but that did not help.  Over the last day or two, it appears that the problem has gotten even worse.  Unless someone can suggest a solution to these problems, I am ready to give up on this program.  Thus, I would be interested in hearing recommendations for an email program that actually works well with screen-reading software, including NVDA.  Thanks.

Rich De Steno

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