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Troy Burnham

I'm using jaws and not NVDA but I have had a problem lately in thunderbird where while I'm in a message list I'll delete a message and jaws won't respond anymore. My fix is to arrow up and back down and this seems to fix it but it's not a permanent fix as it happens again maybe a few days later.

Also, once in a while I'll delete a message and jaws will say blank when I give the say line command to read the next message header, but I know the folder I'm in isn't empty. I have to shift tab out to my folder list and then tab back into the folder to get jaws to refocus.

It hasn't been that long that either of these things have been happening, and to my knowledge there has been no jaws or thunderbird updates to cause the problem.

I can live with the work-around, I only mentioned it in case somebody else is having one or both of these problems so you can try what works for me to see if it works for you.


On 9/29/2020 6:06 PM, Gene wrote:
I didn't include the web page from which to get the portable version.

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I don't know why you are having the problem.  Clearly, this isn't a general
problem.  If it was, there would be a lot of discussion from others long
before now, as you say the problem has been going on for months. I've tried
Thunderbird recently and have no such problems either with the current
version or a recent version.
It sounds to me as though something has been corrupted.  Rather than trouble
shoot, you may want to try the portable version of the program. Or you may
want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the program.  I haven't done this,
but I don't think your mail or addressbook will be lost.  I don't know if
anything else will such as add-ons or message rules.

The portable version has significant advantages and I think switching to it
is a very good idea.

First, you can easily try different versions.  You don't have to install and
uninstall different versions, nothing is installed with the portable
version.  That's one of the main points of portable versions of programs,
you can run them from anything, a thumb drive, an external hard drive, and
on any machine you wish.

If something goes wrong with the program, you can delete the copy you are
running, and copy a backup, which you have kept current, to the location you
usually run the program from.

Also, if the program updates, you can still have the backup of the current
version available.  If you don't want to use the update, you can simply
delete it and copy the backup of the old version to the location where you
run the program from.  Set the program not to automatically update, but to
warn you when an update becomes available and let you choose whether to
update to avoid the program you want to run as an older version from
updating when you don't want it to.  Make this change when you first install
the program and it will be retained in future updates and in the backup
copies you make.

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Subject: [TechTalk] Giving Up on Thunderbird!

It has been many months now that the Thunderbird email program has been
very difficult to use with a screen-reading program. Prior to that, I
used Thunderbird successfully for many years.  I mostly use NVDA with
it.  For some months now, I often lose speech and the program slows down
to an agonizing crawl.  The apparent downloading of email is announced
one by one, choking off the speech you actually want to hear.  At times,
I have not even been able to accomplish anything for many minutes due to
these problems.  I disabled the mail and status toolbars, but that did
not help.  Over the last day or two, it appears that the problem has
gotten even worse.  Unless someone can suggest a solution to these
problems, I am ready to give up on this program.  Thus, I would be
interested in hearing recommendations for an email program that actually
works well with screen-reading software, including NVDA.  Thanks.

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