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Brent Harding

I would say it probably is. I got the Apple upgrade plan, but that only works with the major four’s postpaid services, at least when you initially buy it. They are unlocked, so you can switch or use any sim you want after you have it though. Through experimenting with a couple different prepaid options out there, I found that Sprint really has the fastest speeds here, but it isn’t great in the rural areas. I don’t know that any of them are, but when I heard it was last call for the Sprint Kickstart plan, I jumped back on, as I know that at least in the recent past, T-Mobile’s strong suit in coverage isn’t near me. I’ve heard eventually, the coverage they have and what Sprint had will be the same, but I think they’re still mostly operating separately yet.



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Another  question I have is with replacing my outdated Iphone 6. I waited for the 5g capable 12 pro, which was supposed to have a much better processor. But that has turned out to be a mistake, with reports showing that the new a14 is marginally faster than the 13. When replacing my phone, I want to order directly through apple, and pay the phone directly. I need an unlocked phone, as I travel internationally, and need to be able to use local sim cards. Is purchasing from apple, as opposed to the carrier a good stratigy?


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So they actually require a contract for those prices if I remember, so you pay a year in advance. Also, that 15 dollar plan is a 3gb plan.

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I think Mint Mobile has one of the better prepaid plans. It is $30 a month for unlimited everything. They also have a $15 a month plan that gives you, I think, 12 gigs of data a month. 


Greg Wocher


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Hi Brian,

I am honestly debating with myself whether to go MVNO/prepaid or postpaid regular plan. I am on metro for my current IPhone 6, but since literally no network officially supports this device, I am thinking of switching to a better  plan when I get a  new IPhone when they come out. I am leaning more towards postpaid though, after some thought, especially since I would be able to benefit from employee discounts, that likely would shave off between 10-15 at least on the monthly bill. And I am not 55  or older.

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           My first question is:  Must this be on an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), e.g., Metro, Virgin Mobile, Boost, etc.?

            My second, and it's related to the first, is are you 55 years old or more?

            T-Mobile has an incredible plan for those age 55 and over and since they don't require a contract . . .

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