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Please don't assume what I will or won't do. I am always willing to consider information that may mean that I am wrong or partly wrong about something. I did a number of searches and I presented arguments based on what I've seen and haven't seen over the years. It really isn't an unreasonable request to ask for information or say that others may have information I don't have. I made a good faith attempt to find information. I didn't find it.

As for your statement about someone being a fool, no, you don't have to be a fool. You can be a blind user who is tired of having unpredictable accessibility problems when an update of an e-mail program occurs and, if you haven't seen convincing evidence that it is unsafe and have seen no complaints of any blind user being hacked by malicious code in e-mails for years and all the discussion in the media I've seen has been about phishing for years, not embedded code, what I am saying is very reasonable.

If I am wrong, fine, but a fool? Hardly. If I were sighted, I wouldn't even be having this discussion.

If you want to present some links and discussion, fine. I have made a point of saying that others may know more than I do.


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On Wed, Sep 30, 2020 at 09:51 AM, Gene wrote:
Someone with more technical knowledge and more knowledge of spam and hacking may have information that contradicts what I'm saying or someone may find information I haven't, but so far, I've seen nothing that caused me to reconsider my opinion.-
Then, Gene, nothing would. There are tons of articles dating from August about how some e-mail clients are far more exploitable than others with regard to mailto: links, and that some of this has been/will be fixed by updates.

It is a fool who, unless for very good reason, uses an old e-mail client or browser when updated versions are available. And it is dirt simple to find that advice repeated, again, and again, and again.

But I will not say this again because a word to the wise is sufficient.


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