Re: Giving Up on Thunderbird!

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

Gene, you said, and I quote:  "I've seen nothing that caused me to reconsider my opinion."

Well, then, that's on you, because the search criteria I gave you was used, by me, to locate the very references I made reference to.  It is incumbent on those offered the way to find something to do additional digging.

I say again, it is a fool, unless for very good reason (which you conveniently ignored), who uses an old email client or browser when updated versions are available.

You are always going to encounter accessibility issues over time, it goes with the territory.  That's never a good reason to avoid updates for any software that has intimate contact with cyberspace on a continuous basis.  Period, end of sentence, never needs to be repeated again.  Do your darned homework. 

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