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Joe Orozco

I'm glad I read this. I was on the verge of buying a Brother printer
from Amazon. I only hesitated because I was reading reviews of how
this line of printers signals the toner has finished even though there
is plenty of toner left in the cartridge. User reviews speak to using
a key sequence to trick the printer into foregoing the message. I
guess all printers will have their quirks, but this one felt
exceptionally irritating to perform without sighted assistance.


On 9/29/20, heather albright <> wrote:
Hi I have 2 brother printers from my family and they are not accessible!
Also they do not have an accessible line, the tec support always and I mean
always asks me if there is a sighted person with me to trouble shoot my
printer issues. So personally, I would never by brother. I miss my old hp
mls10 lazer printer, it worked so well, could not take windows10 drivers
otherwise it would still be here.
Hp always had better tec support and now they have an accessibility line. So
if you are looking for an accessible printer, stay away from minu only
printers and no digital screens. I know that is 90 percent of the market
woe. Heather

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Check out the brother line of printers.

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Hi Group,

I know this has been discussed in the past on this and other lists, but I am
in the market for a color laser printer. It has to be accessible which
means some way of interacting other than the touch screen and voiceless
screen on the printer itself.

I called Amazon disability which lists dozens of them. They couldn't help me
a lot other than giving me the phone numbers for accessibility for Canon,
Xerox and HP.

Here's what happened when I tried these phone numbers:
Xerox the number was disconnected
HP never answered--even after 5 hours on two separate phones Canon answered
and a woman with a heavily accented voice assured me that the one she
referenced would do the trick. Color imageCLASS MF743Cdw. . This device
which it is a bit pricey at $379 US weighs in at a massive
64 pounds. I would consider this more seriously if I could be sure I could
lift and position it properly without collapsing my utility table.

So again as I may have done in the past, what are people using for a laser
printer and how are they accessing it: app, voiced onboard touch screen,
echo device?

Thanks for any help.

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