Numpad Nav Mode, New NVDA Addon Explained

Mike B.

Hi All,
Here's all the info about this new NVDA Add-on, please read all the way through for all the information.

Numpad Nav Mode
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• Author: Luke Davis (Open Source Systems, Ltd.)
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Numpad Nav Mode is an
 add-on, which allows you to easily switch your keyboard's numpad between NVDA's navigation controls and the non-screenreader Windows navigation controls.
The normal functions of the PC number pad, with numlock off, are: page up, page down, home, end, four-way arrow keys, and a delete key. But NVDA completely
takes over the numpad, to provide review keys, mouse controls, and object navigation controls. This is true even in laptop keyboard mode, which duplicates
those functions on non-numpad keys for those who do not have a numpad.
However some users do have a numpad on their laptop, and would prefer to use it for Windows navigation purposes, especially because some laptops do not
provide home, end, or other such keys. That is where this add-on can help. Additionally, some desktop users may sometimes find it convenient to use the
numpad for those keyboard functions rather than the normal keys, which this add-on enables.
How it works
With numlock off, no matter what keyboard layout you are using, this add-on will let you press Alt+NVDA+NumpadPlus (which is usually the long key second
up on the right), to quickly and easily switch between the normal NVDA navigation controls, and the classic Windows navigation controls. This key can be
remapped under Input Gestures, in the Input section.
Note that this add-on doesn't disable the use of numpad insert as an NVDA modifier, if you have it set as such. If you want that feature, please let me
know, although you can manually turn off numpad insert as a modifier in NVDA keyboard settings.
If you would prefer to have NVDA start with the Windows nav mode active by default, you can configure that in NVDA configuration. Go to NVDA's preferences,
then settings, and find the Numpad Nav Mode settings panel. There you will be able to select a checkbox to turn Windows Nav Mode on by default when you
start NVDA. To get there quickly, press NVDA+N, P, S, then N one or more times until you hear "Numpad Nav Mode".
New features
I encourage you to email with any feature suggestions, or other use cases that I haven't listed here, or just to let me know you find the add-on useful!
This add-on was the direct result of requests I've seen from users over the years, and a GitHub discussion in
With thanks to @Qchristensen and @feerrenrut.
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 Original Message 
Luke Davis
Hi all
I am happy to announce the initial release of Numpad Nav Mode: an add-on which
allows the number pad to be toggled between NVDA navigation commands, and
Windows cursor movement commands.  This can be particularly helpful to laptop
users with a numpad, who prefer to use laptop keyboard mode, and have their
numpad available for cursor movement commands.
The numpad's mode can be toggled with a key combination (NVDA+Alt+NumpadPlus,
by default), or you can have it permanently set to Windows mode by checking an
option in NVDA configuration.
Feel free to email with questions, comments, bug reports, or feature requests.
From: Gene
Does that mean, as it seems to, that at last, JAWS users migrating to NVDA
will be able to use num;pad insert numpad down arrow for read to end when
using the desktop layout?  I tried, years ago, to convince the developers
that this command should be made available without success.  This command is
so frequently used by the majority of JAWS users that to get used to another
read to end command is an inconvenience and annoyance that many users would
consider a deterrent to using NVDA.  It also has the advantage of making
NVDA easier to use for someone who has problems using the left hand and who
wants to do as much with the right as possible.
From: Luke Davis
Sadly, no.
The main reason is that pressing NVDA+numpad down arrow invokes different
scancodes than pressing NVDA+down arrow.  In order to make them do the same thing, it
needs to be done intentionally.
This was not a use case I thought of, and none of the beta testers brought it
However, you can easily remap NVDA+numpad2 from input gestures to do, read to end, with or without this add-on.
That said, I'll see about making the add-on's NVDA+arrow commands work as
you expect, in a future release.
From: Gene
This add-on may be appreciated by many desktop keyboard layout users of NVDA
as well who are migrating from JAWS.  The majority of JAWS users routinely
use numpad insert numpad 2 for read to end.  It appears, though this hasn't
been stated by Luke, that using the add-on will allow that Command to now be
used by JAWS users using the deskto;p layout.
Also, many JAWS users use the numpad for cursor movement and would, I would
thhink, want to continue to do so while using the desktop layout.  The
add-on may be more useful and convenient than originally anticipated.

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