Re: Help creating .pls files from radio station URL


There are some radio stations out there that use a player on their
site and those may be the ones causing you problems. I find it much
easier to use a media player that can handle internet radio streams
like VLC and if it plays there one has a better chance at success when
creeating working PLS or M3U files using the audio player. I used to
use WinAmp to do this until I started having issues using WinAmp when
I moved to Windows 10 a while back. I haven't looked into Groove, WMP,
or any other media player but they may be able to create
workingplaylist files just as easily.

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On 9/30/20, Steven Johnson <> wrote:
Anyone have a sure-fire method for creating a .pls file for the Book Port
Plus or the Blaze ET from a radio station's direct stream URL? I have
to use notepad by pasting the direct stream URL for several radio stations,
of course, one radio station per file, and saving the file as a .pls.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. I wonder if there is a
repository on the web that has a lot of real radio stations from which I
create .pls files for media players, not user created internet radio
stations. I want honest-to-God. On-air radio stations, not user
createdinternet stations.

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