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What do you mean by direct stream URL? Stations have underlying streams in general. They broadcast using HTML5 and that isn't the underlying format. The stream starts out as something else, I believe most of the time a streaming MP3 file. If you are simmply using the link that appears in your address bar, that is usually not the actual original stream. If a station actually plays in a program like Winamp when you use the address from the address bar, then the address is to the actual underlying stream. It is rare that stations use the underlying streme these days.

You will find some stations' underlying streams listed on this web page. I almost never use the site so I don't know how many. Some stations simply use the address shown in the browsers' address bar when streaming using HTML5, and I believe the site identifies those by saying listen in browser. If an underlying link is available, I believe the station will have a link that says listen in media player. Many stations have both links. The site has a ssearch link. once you do a search, start at the top of the page and use the screen-reader's find to look for the word results, then look down.


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Anyone have a sure-fire method for creating a .pls file for the Book Port
Plus or the Blaze ET from a radio station's direct stream URL? I have
to use notepad by pasting the direct stream URL for several radio stations,
of course, one radio station per file, and saving the file as a .pls.
Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. I wonder if there is a
repository on the web that has a lot of real radio stations from which I
create .pls files for media players, not user created internet radio
stations. I want honest-to-God. On-air radio stations, not user
createdinternet stations.

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