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Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

On another list, I have been discussing my purchase a few days ago of a Brothers HL-L3210CDW Color Laser Jet Printer.  I have been updating people on this other list about whether or not the printer is accessible or not. Below is a relevant portion of the post as well as the pertinent question referred to in the subject line.

...Even though the people at Accessible Products Hotline and Amazon told me through a variety of questioning on my part that the set up was totally accessible, this is not the case.  The wireless is in fact menu driven and you need sighted help to enter the router information.

While there are buttons on the top of the printer, most of them are for navigating the menus.  The power button,  the initiate print job or OK button and the cancel button are the only buttons not directly connected to the menus. The wireless button turns wireless on/off--assuming you can get the wireless configured through the menus.

In addition, I called Amazon disability to inquire about what kind of wired connecting cable I would need and they couldn't help me. They referred me to Brothers tech support.  A woman speaking heavily accented English told me--or at least that's what I thought she told me--that I needed a USB data cable with USB 2.0 or higher and with a double male connector--one end into the computer and one end into the printer.  This is not the case. One end does indeed fit into the computer, but the other similar end won't fit into the printer.  I am not sure what kind of connector you need on the printer side, so I am wondering just what kind of printer type connection this is. It looked to me like a standard USB input for a male connector.

Can anyone tell me what kind of cable I would need for the printer side?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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