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Monica Jones

Thank you for this; I sure appreciate it.

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You'll need to download and run the Microsoft speech runtime platform,
then browse the list of downloadable boices. There's a bunch, Try the
zira pro voice first.
That's the one I use and it sounds great.


On 11/27/15, Monica Jones <coffeegal57@...> wrote:
In Windows 7, the only SAPI voice I have is Anna. Is there another one
available? I think she speaks well, but she sounds somewhat muffled to me.

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The voices that come with Windows are the "Microsoft Speech API Version
5" or SAPI5 voices. To set these up with NVDA:
1) Press NVDA+N (assuming NVDA is running. NVDA key is usually INSERT
on a desktop or CAPS LOCK on a laptop)
2) Press P for Preferences (it's the top item in the list so DOWN ARROW
once then ENTER is another way)
3) Press S for Synthesizer (second down this time so DOWN ARROW twice
then ENTER is your alternative). This brings up the Synthesizer dialog
4) The focus is in the Synthesizer drop down list and the default option
is "eSpeak". Press DOWN ARROW to go through the choices. Find
"Microsoft Speech API Version 5" and press ENTER.

This gets you to the SAPI 5 voices, but there are a couple of choices so
next up you can select the specific one you want if you don't like the
first one:

1) Press NVDA+N again.
2) Press P for preferences again.
2) This time you want "Voice settings" which is the third option down or
press V.
3) You start off in the "voice" drop down list. Press UP and DOWN
arrows to move through the available voices.
4) You can just press ENTER when you find the one you like, or you can
also use TAB to move through the other options (rate, pitch, how to
indicate capitals etc).

If you'd like a demo of the voices, I did a podcast with them here: Which
accompanied my initial look at Windows 10 quite a few months ago now
which was here:

Look through the newer blog posts to see my more recent stuff on Windows

Kind regards


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On 26/11/2015 3:28 PM, George Zaynoun wrote:

Heard somewhere one can make these voices work e.g with NVDA, instructions

please thanks.

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Monni, the coffee gal
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Facebook, Monica Rose Jones

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