Re: accessible disk imaging software.


yes please make a program for it.
also why cant i rename backup folder?

On 10/6/20, Steve Matzura <> wrote:
Making an accessible, bootable recovery disk using Image for Windows is
explained in this article
<> on the
Terabyte site. I don't remember if it covers changing the option to make
Narrator start at boot time, but that one is easy to find by editing the
options file as described in the tutorial mentioned above.  I've been
thinking of making a program on how to do this very thing because many
have asked me how to do it, so if I make such a program, the next time
someone asks, I can send it to them.

On 10/6/2020 11:30 AM, Austin Pinto wrote:
2,858.93 rs.

On 10/6/20, Akash Kakkar <> wrote:
In how much amount you baught it?

On 10/6/2020 11:22 AM, Austin Pinto wrote:
i purchashed image for windows.
i installed it.
now i have so many options of making a boot disk.
which boot disk i need to make, what options do i need to select to
make it accessible after booting from the disk.
please help.

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