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Use the short cut alt h to move to and expand the chat wihndow. Both actions will occur simultaneously.

You are now in the ;place where you type. It won't say the expected things but you are there.
Type and if you need to hear it, tab or shift tab, then tab back again.

If you want to send it to everyone, press enter in the place where you typed.
If you want to send it to a particular person, shift tab two or three times and you will be in a place where you can up and down arrow and hear thingsw like send to. I think you will have as many choices as there are participants plus the default all option but I'd have to play with it more.

Do you know about the test meeting where you can play with and look through the interface?


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Hi all,

I'm attending a zoom conference where they want you to type in the chat
window. I can see the list of chats, but I cannot find the edit box to
put in my own chats. How does one do this?

Ann P.

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