Re: aph light touch brailler?

Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>

I figured out the problem with the electric perkins brailler. It was user error. I was not putting equal pressure on the keys, probably confusing the electronics resulting in very faded dots or no dots at all. Once I made sure to use equal pressure on all brailler keys for the dots I wanted to emboss, it worked perfectly and I got 25 lines of 40 cells of great quality braille on some leftover braille embosser paper I have around here. well I am glad it turns out it was user error, and the electric brailler will work just fine and I can keep it and also recommend it to people wanting a very light touch perkins brailler and the ability to write a bit faster. I think it also goes for the standard non-electric perkins metal brailler as well, making sure to use equal key pressure when writing gives the best quality braille dots. the electric perkins brailler is also made of sturdy durable metal. 

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