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Carolyn Arnold

Speaking of bouncing, three times since September 8, I've been bounced. At least, it has happened and continues to happen, so that I now can get unbounced easy enough. For a while though, my notification went to Junk; I finally figured that out and extricated it from Junk back to my Inbox.

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I agree that with a good e-mail provider where you don't have bouncing problems, it is very unlikely that a message won't reach a group. I like getting my messages because a message can be in the sent messages folder because it is sent and for other reasonss, not reach the list. But if I can't see my own messages, that wouldn't stop me from using an e-mail provider if I want to use that specific one, despite that minor disadvantage.

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On Wed, Oct 7, 2020 at 10:16 PM, Gene wrote:
With other groups. you won't have messages you send a group sent to you.- Gene, I am not arguing, in any way, with what you've said. But what I will say is that I fail to understand even why that's needed. The message is in your sent folder. When you send e-mail to other individuals it does not come back to you, because you don't need it to - you sent it.

If someone answers a question sent to a group, then you'll see it, likely with that original message bottom quoted if it's a blind-centric group.

I just don't get why there's this belief that you can't trust email list services to send messages you send to groups to which you're subscribed out to the group. I think I've had a couple of "burps" over a period of decades. That's not worth worrying about.


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