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Mike B.

Hi Brian,
Thank you, Thank you!  For whatever reason when I was selecting the, Open a specific page or set of pages, radio button it wasn't sticking, but now I've got the setting to stay and Edge is now closing as expected.

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I suggest checking Edge Settings.  Specifically:

1. ALT+F,S open Edge menu, Settings.

2. In Settings tab, navigate to the "On Startup" item, and check to see whether you have either the "Continue where you left off" or "Open a specific page or set of pages" radio button selected.  If you have the former, when you exit Edge the next time you start it all tabs and windows that were open when you shut it down will open again. If the latter, all the pages you've listed will open, but it should all be in one window.

There is no setting as there used to be in the past to control whether a link opens in the current tab, a new tab, or a new window, because all of this can be controlled at the time of link activation and the developer can set what they want as the default, but you have the power to override that by how you activate it.  A straight activation will do whatever the developer set, and that's most often either opening in the current tab or opening in a new window.  Hold down Control+Enter to force the link to open in a new tab in the same browser window you're in.  Hold down Shift+Enter to force the link to open in a new browser window, separate from all other browser Windows.

I would also encourage you, with any browser, to stop using ALT+F4 to exit it if you want to exit all windows it might have open in one fell swoop.  ALT+F4 closes the window that is currently active, but if you have 10 Edge windows open it won't close the other 9.  Using ALT+F,C when in Edge, closes Edge.  Every window that Edge has open will close if you use ALT+F,C in any given Edge window that has focus.  This works similarly in all Chromium-based browsers, though what comes after the ALT+F part varies.  It's C in Edge,  and X in Chrome & Brave & Vivaldi.  Microsoft always has to be slightly different! 

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