TV or Monitor

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  I have a question that I guess doesn't have a definitive answer but depends on the views and preferences of each individual.


I'm getting one of my computers upgraded to a level higher than the better computer I have at the moment and it will have a Blue Ray writer/reader.  I'm also reorganising the layout of my media room and I'm thinking of getting a larger monitor and here is where my question comes in.  I am totally blind so can't use a monitor even if I wanted to but I do have friends who do need one when they come around.  I also never watch the television but I do have a television but purely use it as a monitor via HDMI.  As I said I'm wishing to get a larger display screen but should I go for a dedicated computer monitor or use a television.  The televisions are much cheaper than a monitor. I had a quick look on Amazon as a comparison and depending on the brand and quality a 43 inch monitor is coming in around £800 - £1200 but I could get a 50 inch TV television for, again depending on the brand and quality £350 and £700.  These figures are not precise but based on the items I looked at.


So, do you have an opinion on whether a TV used as a monitor is best or is a dedicated computer monitor the way to go.  By the way, I'm not into gaming so that might make a difference.  I'm just curious about your opinions.  Walter.

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