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Hi Brian,

The thing is with mobile cell phone hotspot sharing, they will throttle your data past a point. If you got really good speeds, it may be worth considering the home internet, which removes throttling and data caps.  How an apartment complex thinks its a good idea to force people to use terrible DSL, mind you its ADSL, not VDSL, in 2020, and prevents any other providers from entering is beyond me.  I  was told in my area, the minimum speed would range from 50 mbps to 150 mbps download, and at least 15 mbps upload, Which is an astounding 1500% improvement in upload performance at least compared to DSL The celular coverage map also shows a 5g signal, so its only a matter of time before they upgrade this area to 5g home internet instead of LTE, which will likely double that 50 mbps minimum even further.

the list of cities are here

On 10/10/2020 11:48 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
As an aside, for those "of a certain age" (read: 55 or older), T-Mobile offers its unlimited 55 Plus plans at great prices as far as I'm concerned.  My partner and I ditched our land line and our woefully slow DSL service and have been using the mobile hotspot feature of our phones as our exclusive internet service for just around 2 years now.

Even where we live, we have 4G LTE data service and that's way faster than what most home users need for what they do, and in our case that absolutely includes streaming Netflix while using the computers connected to the hotspots.

There is a cap of 20GB per line, per month, at 4G LTE speed but it drops to 3G speed after that.  During this period of the pandemic, when we're home much more than we typically would be, we sometimes run over that 40GB total, but still manage just fine for our computer use and since streaming from the phone is always at high speed, and I Chromecast that to our TV, that aspect is still fine, too.

You can also buy an additional 10GB of 4G LTE data for $10 per month, but I've never needed to do that based on our actual needs.

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