Re: verizon and TMobile offering LTE fixed wireless home internet with no data caps

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Why do network providers in North America limit the hotspot feature of phones? In europe, this practice is unheard of. Any data package you have applies equally  whether you tether it to pc or not. In  Turkey once Turkcell and the other operaters tried to impose a 15 TL fee per month for using the existing package with hotspot, but they faced a massive backlash and backed down. 2g speed is truly terrible. How can you do anything at all with that connection? Even web pages will take minutes to load.

On 10/10/2020 2:12 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

           As I stated, for the mobile hotspot feature in the plan I mentioned, if you have 2 lines (which we do) on the $90/month plan, throttling begins after 20 GB of 4G LTE data.  I know many users who wouldn't come anywhere near to using that amount of data on a monthly basis, though I certainly do.  In my case, the throttling is very significant because we don't have 3G service in my area, it drops from 4G LTE speed to 2G via the hotspot, but even that's way more than sufficient for text-based work like web browsing with some graphics, emailing, etc.

            High speed data is truly unlimited, no caps, on the phones themselves, so if I have a desperate need I can hop on the phone to download something that's really data intensive.  I've done this on occasion when I want to download huge ISO files, and even before I reach the hotspot data cap, as anything I download to the phone from the phone is under the unlimited data.  I just hook my phone up to my computer afterward, using its microSD card like it was an external drive, and copy that honkin' big ISO file over.

             My main "data drain" comes from the amount of video streaming I do and how that interacts with Chromecast when casting it to the TV.

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